Mahkoolma Jack Diana

20th April 2006

The beautiful Diana is an energetic and loyal little bean. She is a neat package with tremendous quality coat, ample turn of stifle, good forward reach and strong rear drive  -  her structure is impeccable.  Standing just under 11" this little girl is a real firecracker.  She is highly spirited, outgoing and friendly, and she just adores swimming. Diana is the sweetest girl you could ever hope to meet and has a gentle nature and sparkling character.













Ophthalmic Certificate (eyes) Animal Eye Services - 2009 - Normal.

  Diana now lives with Suzanne in Queensland where she is dearly loved.






Mahkoolma Jack Diana


DOB : 20 April 2006

Malung/JR Nero


Aust. Ch. Hocuspocus Percival

Malung/JR Elle Mac

Mahkoolma Jack Dianne


Mahkoolma Jack Classic
Mahkoolma Jack Rinnae

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