Karrell Our Sophie   born January 26, 2001








Sophie is our sweet natured princess.  She is a white and tan rough coat who stands at 11.5". She has the speed of a hound and a keen instinct to hunt, and with her gentle and friendly temperament Sophie is a delight to live with.

Hearing exam. B.A.E.R. Certificate - normal.             

Eye Exam. Ophthalmic Certificate -  Sophie was diagnosed with Anterior Primary Lens Luxation in August 2004.  She underwent two emergency lensectomies, but sadly one was not successful and Sophie lost her right eye.  Thanks to the skillful hands of her surgeon, Sophie's left eye was saved and she retained some long range vision in that eye which enables her to maintain a good quality of life.

Breeding status - desexed. Sophie continues to enjoy her retirement with us as #1 couch warmer and car travel companion, and with her ever increasing sense of smell she remains our little huntress extraordinaire. 

Fame status - Sophie is probably the most talked about JRT in Australia.  The banner girl for PLL, she is a constant reminder for breeders and owners to health test their dogs annually and declare the results of those tests for the benefit of the breed. 

In 2004 Sophie's DNA was sent to Davis University California to participate in research to find the cause of PLL in JRTs. Through the gracious co-operation of many overseas breeders, DNA samples were collected from Sophie's closest relatives, forming a huge family tree of uncles, aunties, grandparents, cousins, children and grandchildren - the largest family of JRTs ever to be submitted to research.  Samples of Sophie's blood are stored at St. Lucia University in Brisbane and her DNA is recorded at every PLL research facility in the world.  One day, a DNA test will become available for our puppies of the future, thanks to sweet Sophie and all the other dogs and owners who so conscientiously sent DNA samples from their JRTs who suffer from the pain of PLL.  The names of the terriers are kept anonymous except to the scientists but the genetic information gathered from these DNA swabs holds the key to the future for the Jack Russell Terrier.

Update - In September 2009 the research team located the genetic marker for PLL and a DNA test has now been developed for all our puppies of the future. 

Karrell Our Sophie


DOB : 26 January 2001

(Australia Day)

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