Past Puppies

Click on the thumbnails to see some of our past puppies and how they have grown.

Jacklands Bewitched

Bee lives with Richard and family in Brisbane

Jacklands Southern Cross



Jacklands Poison


Jacklands Coober Pedy


Jacklands Blue Sage 

 Jacklands Judge
  Jacklands Mascara


Mascara lives with Christine and family in QLD

Jacklands Winter

Jacklands Dion "Monty"

Monty lives with Carol and was awarded Pet Cafe's Pet of the Month


Jacklands Genie


Genie lives with Paul in Queensland and is living testimony that Russells can be trusted with livestock when  they have the right training. Genie and her older friend Gypsy protect all the animals on Paul's farm.

Jacklands Jim

  Jacklands Fionlagh


Jacklands Minki's Mango

Mango lives near Canberra with Susan

Jacklands Stella Maris

  Stella lives in Austria with Petra

Jacklands Dutch Boy

Dutch lives in Holland with Anne-Marie



Jacklands Mouchoir Hanky

Hanky lives with Antonio and family in Columbia